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5928 N Paulina St
Chicago, IL, 60660
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Quality control for home improvement and new home building, plus building forensics for solving virtually any home performance problems. Nothing can hide from advanced diagnostics in residential construction, and you should never have to guess or assume that home improvements worked- proof is possible. Ask for it.

US Tour

Corbett Lunsford's PROOF IS POSSIBLE U.S. Tour is a hands-on, entertaining weeklong event in 16 cities across the U.S. to generate private market demand for home performance testing in home improvement and new home construction.

Thanks to over 80 supporters who raised $71,759 for this to happen!

Thanks also to our incredible Product Partners who are contributing the latest and greatest technologies to build the Tiny Lab, our high performance tiny house on wheels a big part of the Proof is Possible Tour!


  1. April 3-9 in St. Augustine, FL (thanks to St. Johns Housing Partnership)
  2. April 17-23 in Baltimore, MD (thanks to Energy Services Group)
  3. May 1-7 in Atlantic City, NJ (thanks to GreenLife Energy Solutions)
  4. May 8-14 in Wilmington, DE (thanks to Allied Construction)
  5. May 29-June 4 in Washington, D.C. (thanks to ecobeco)
  6. June 12-18 in Washington Township, NJ (thanks to Sanders Home Services)
  7. June 19-25 in Princeton, NJ (thanks to SG Heating & Air Conditioning)
  8. July 3-9 in New York City, NY (thanks to GreenPower Associates)
  9. July 17- 23 in Rochester, NY (thanks to Wise Home Energy)
  10. July 24-30 in Ithaca, NY (thanks to Zerodraft Central NY)
  11. Aug. 7-13 in Cincinnati, OH (thanks to Energy Fitness for Homes)
  12. Aug. 21-27 in Chicago, IL (thanks to Advanced Energy Services)
  13. Sept. 4-10 in Denver, CO (thanks to SSP Innovations)
  14. Sept. 18-24 in San Diego, CA (thanks to United Infrared + Thermal Imaging Conference-REGISTER HERE)
  15. Oct. 2-8 in San Francisco, CA (thanks to Building Energy Compliance Testing)
  16. Oct. 16-22 in Phoenix, AZ (thanks to Efficiency First Arizona)
  17. November 6-12 in Dallas, TX (thanks to Advanced Energy Solutions)
  18. Nov. 27-Dec. 3 in Birmingham, AL (thanks to Eco Three)
  19. Dec. 11-17 in Raleigh, NC (thanks to Scientific Comfort Services)
  20. Jan. 8-14 2017 in Atlanta, GA (courtesy of the Building Performance Workshop)

BONUS DAYS: Coming soon!  We've got some bonus single day stops along the tour.  Want us to stop through your town?  Sorry Portland, you're not really on the route, but say Santa Fe, Charlotte, Austin, Des Moines, North Platte?  You are right along the route so reach out to us below and we can talk details to get you on the Bonus Days calendar.  



Grace and Corbett Lunsford's U.S. Tour is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Grace and Corbett Lunsford's U.S. Tour which includes the multidisciplinary projects: Proof is Possible, The Forgiveness Tour, Ms. Tiny Detective, and Mysteriam concerts, must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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 and... THERE'S MORE!

In select cities, Grace will be leading special Sterling Rock Productions screenings through The Forgiveness Tour and filmmaking workshops for young women through the web-series, "Ms. Tiny Detective." Click on any of the images below to learn more.

Watch the films trailers and learn how you can help host a screening in your town. Confirmed screenings and are set for Phoenix, AZ in neighboring Tucson and Birmingham, Al.  

PLEASE NOTE- While Grace and Corbett are openly Christians, there is no religious affiliation connected to this tour.  FORGIVENESS is a principle that stretches through out religions, cultures, and communities. The talk Grace will give to youth while showing the short film ECLIPSE
will focus on forgiveness and how it can help prevent violence in schools.