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3799 Main St. #87024
Atlanta, GA 30337


Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.


Home performance articles and stories from the field with internationally respected building forensics guru Corbett Lunsford at the Building Performance Workshop. Hear new episodes of the Building Performance Podcast, see new videos from the Home Performance YouTube channel, and learn all about how diagnostic testing (more than an 'Energy Audit') can make home improvement and new home construction a proven process!

Best Home Improvement Showroom in the World: Sanders Home Services

Corbett Lunsford

Building performance testing expert Corbett Lunsford and Pete Sanders take you behind the curtain at the soon-to-be-opened Sanders Home Services showroom in Washington Township, New Jersey (outside Philadelphia). See the best hands-on demonstration of home performance outside the #TinyLab! Visit Sanders Home Services online at:

#TinyLab Airsealing Tape Technique Demonstration

Corbett Lunsford

If you want airtightness (and you DO), you want to use airsealing tape. Corbett demonstrates Tescon Vana tape application, thanks to 475 High Performance Building Supply for importing this stuff from Europe!

Air Sealing Tape: Proof of 100 Year Durability

Corbett Lunsford

Building performance expert Corbett Lunsford respects proof of performance, and ProClima's airsealing tape has now been proven to him. See Tescon Profil tape that was applied to the subfloor of the #TinyLab as it holds up to 5 months of pure abuse during the construction process.

Do Tankless Water Heating Systems Perform Better?

Corbett Lunsford

Watch home performance diagnostics guru Corbett Lunsford test the performance of demand tankless water heaters, in the #TinyLab and in a big house.  You may be surprised to see that it doesn't work exactly as advertised.

Airtight Homes are Quiet Homes: Hear for Yourself with this Helicopter

Corbett Lunsford

Hear why airtightness, not insulation, is what makes a home noiseproof. A helicopter takes off outside the #TinyLab and you can't hear it!

Tour the #TinyLab: Tesla of Tiny Houses

Corbett Lunsford

Take a tour of the #TinyLab, built and lived in by Grace and Corbett Lunsford, and an example of high performance building for homes of all sizes and shapes. See how the Proof Is Possible Tour teaches homeowners to control ventilation, pressure imbalances, air quality, moisture, comfort, and durability.

HVAC Pro Review of the Proof Is Possible Tour

Corbett Lunsford

Hear from Matt Adelman of Princeton Air Conditioning about the pro workshop portion of the Proof Is Possible Tour. Come study advanced techniques and tools for home performance diagnostics with Corbett Lunsford, the guy who wrote the book on it!

Static Pressure Testing Demonstration

Corbett Lunsford

Watch building forensics expert Corbett Lunsford demonstrate Total External Static Pressure testing and pressure drop testing for a residential furnace and air conditioner. Learn to diagnose pressure problems in supply and return ductwork, filters, evaporator coils, and duct sections in just a few minutes with a minimum of testing tools!

Fall Fast Track 2016 Postponed due to Tour/TV Show/Baby/Etc

Corbett Lunsford

Corbett and Grace are too busy with the #TinyLab and Proof Is Possible US Tour, Home Diagnosis TV show, and baby Nanette to host 2016's Fall Fast Track 6-week mastermind training in home performance. Join us in the spring instead!

Best History Museum in the World: Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in Nebraska

Corbett Lunsford

I have realized, on our race around the country for the Proof Is Possible Tour, that I was a snob about place.  Being an urban person is poisonous for humility, and I have now been cured.

Driving through Western Colorado, middle Utah, and other places that are nowhere near anything has been eye-opening, but it all started in Nebraska. Minden, Nebraska, where we pulled off the highway to take a break in a hokey-sounding museum called Harold Warp's Pioneer Village.  "The story of America and how it grew" was promised, and our minds were appropriately blown. No joke.

They have everything there. Our #TinyLab was parked outside, but we found the first-built tiny house on wheels inside. It's a motorhome that's really made out of wood, and is bolted down to the engine and axles. And cars! So! Many! Cars!

Cars we'd never heard of or seen before. This is not the haphazard collection of a hoarder. This is a very well organized tour through the decades, since late 1800s.

There are FOUR warehouses full of old cars. Two stories each. Three rows of cars with two aisles per floor. You have to walk faster than you'd like to just to get through it all in less than a day.

I never considered what farm equipment from the 1800's would look like, but now it's the only thing I have nightmares about.

AND Mr. Warp had a thing for heating and cooling! What more could I ask for?!? He had collected heaters, coolers, and stoves from every year, and pointed out the innovations of each!

And although it makes me cringe, our most popular video of all time on the Home Performance YouTube channel is 'How to Apply Plastic to your Windows'. It's not the most interesting video we've made (by a mile), but now I believe window plastic is built into our genes, since I found this exact same product from 1950 that we use today!

If you EVER find yourself driving through Nebraska, and have the opportunity, PLEASE do yourself a favor and spend a few hours (or days) at Harold Warp's Pioneer Village. We have decided that when the revolution/zombie apocalypse happens, we're making a beeline for this place to make sure it gets taken care of.