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Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.

Mastermind Wk4: Client Simulation


Later, I’ll show you how you approached this scenario, which is a terrific learning exercise.

Sherif wrote:

“Could you provide remote consultancy for my home design for good ventilation ? The project is simple as follow:
I have a flat (In Egypt) with around 250 m2, I am in phase of start building the walls, and I need to design the sizes and locations of the windows/door to give the best natural ventilation, the items are already allocated as per attached, but I am consulting you as I bit the design was considering natural ventilation concepts.
Could you please let me approx how many hours It would take to check the design and give a consultation for the flat ?
Note: I am open to reconsider internal walls for better weather if they are blocking the cirulation.
The weather in Egypt is hot in Summer (35-45 C) and Cold in Winter (5-15)
I chose to use AAC-block for its advantages over the traditional building blocks (Better Heating/cooling, fire-resistance, Sound Resistance, ..)
The point is that My building is consists of flats so no gable rooftop, it is a traditional building with floors and each floor is a flat.
I will also for sure use Fans/AC in different areas based on your recommendation, but I am seeking to cut down my electrical bill, so that's why I choose AAC blocks and that's why I also seek Passive cooling/heating design if possible.
Could you please let me know what will be the deliverables during our consultancy ?

  • Designing/Positioning the windos/openings to enhance air flow and cross ventilation according to local climate and site

  • Recommending hybrid system while involving Fans/AC/.. .

  • Shading/blinds recommendations.

  • Hot stale air expelled design in Summer, and Maintining in Winter.

  • etc.“