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3799 Main St. #87024
Atlanta, GA 30337


Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.

Simple Home Performance Survey:
More Than a Home Inspection

Corbett Lunsford's simple home performance survey is for homeowners looking for more education on their home's overall performance, and what home improvements or upgrades would be a step in the right direction for their family's comfort, health, and happiness.



Proof Is Possible- stop guessing what needs fixing and have an expert look at your home. Corbett will spend up to 2 hours onsite, listening to your concerns and investigating the entire home briefly OR one specific part intensively, and give you a basically prioritized list of recommendations for home improvement.

The Simple Home Performance Survey is $450, and you can add blower door testing, a suite of HVAC performance testing, and more, a la carte.


We'll use our experience in hundreds of homes to inform what might be going on behind your walls and ceilings, inside your heating and cooling equipment, and in the geometry of your unique home through all the past home improvements, renovations, and additions.


Specific performance testing may be used to investigate based on your needs and concerns, sometimes including Infrared Thermal Photography, pressure and airflow testing, safety testing for carbon monoxide or gas leaks, or home depressurization testing.


You'll have access to Corbett as long as you live in the home, and we keep your reports forever. There is simply no substitute to having access to an independent expert who knows your home's issues and can help advise on contractor estimates, home improvements, addition planning, and renovations.