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Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.


Home performance articles and stories from the field with internationally respected building forensics guru Corbett Lunsford at the Building Performance Workshop. Hear new episodes of the Building Performance Podcast, see new videos from the Home Performance YouTube channel, and learn all about how diagnostic testing (more than an 'Energy Audit') can make home improvement and new home construction a proven process!

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Car Sharing is Awesome for our Company

Corbett Lunsford


We’ve recently begun using I-GO, Chicago’s non-profit car sharing service (, and we love it.  Since we don’t have a conventional office where clients visit us, our transportation to the energy audits is important in several respects:

Reliability- we arrive on time, and always have a clean, working vehicle with enough gas to get us there.  I especially like the fact that if you’re in a hurry and waiting for your car to show up, the previous driver gets fined and the office will help you get a new car, and even pay for a cab to take you to it.  That was one of my biggest hangups before we got our account.

Advertising- the company’s logo, phone # and URL are all on the magnet we can stick to the outside of the car.  The magnets run us under $50 for the pair, and look great on any paint color.  Wrapping a car costs thousands of dollars.

Credibility- since we’re in the green industry, our clients are always impressed to see us walking the walk; the importance of clients who are impressed with you cannot be underestimated.

Hassle Free- this is my favorite part.  I pick the car up where it’s supposed to be, I drop it off when I’m done.  Not responsible for what happens before or after I have it, and in the middle it’s insured.  I don’t have to find and maintain relationships with honest mechanics (where are those guys?), don’t have to change oil or tires, don’t have to track mileage to write off in my taxes.

I highly recommend it, if you live in the city.  There are I-GO cars in every neighborhood, and if you’re reasonable about booking a few days in advance, you can get pretty much everything you’d have with your own vehicle, minus all the downsides.