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Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.

Comprehensive Home Performance Analysis:
More Than an Energy Audit

Corbett Lunsford's comprehensive home performance analysis package is for homeowners who want scientific proof of exactly what home improvements would be guaranteed to work, what home upgrades would be a waste of money, and how to measurably prove you got what you paid for.



Simply put, our reports rock. We don't burden you with a bunch of technical details (even though we get them for our own analysis). In fact, companies like ours across the country use our proprietary APT Report templates for their own clients, because we made them so clear. Our unique Comprehensive Home Performance Plan utilizes high-tech tools and techniques to scientifically pinpoint the opportunities for home improvement in any type of house or multifamily building. This Comprehensive package is the one most single family homeowners opt for.

The Comprehensive Package starts at $1000 for Atlanta-area homes up to 4,000 sq. ft. with one heating/cooling system and one water heater. Each additional furnace, air conditioner, and water heater adds a nominal $50, as does each additional 1,000 sq. ft. of floor area in your home. There may be a nominal travel fee if your home takes some time to get to. Put frankly, we're worth it. Read the rave reviews from our past clients here.

3D Modeling and Computer Modeling of Energy Dynamics

Your home gets a full inspection and then is re-created in a computer so you can understand the dynamics of how your home is functioning, and where your issues are coming from. We use HVAC modeling software to create a basic simulation of your home, and then simulate improvements to it. This gives you an idea of the effects of the recommendations we make.


Air Tightness Testing

The biggest single cause of home performance problems is air leakage. The blower door is a precise fan system with which we can test the air tightness of your home. Essentially, we suck the air out of the house and see where outside air is rushing in to replace it. Most homes are much leakier than they should be, while some are tighter than expected, and with the accuracy of this tool, we can increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, save you money, and improve indoor air quality.

Infrared Thermal Photography

The Infrared Thermal Camera is among our valuable tools for investigating home performance during a forensic analysis or energy audit. By scanning the enclosure of the living space in infrared (like a heat X-ray for your home), we can pinpoint areas of weakness in your building's airseal, insulation, duct system, windows and doors. These images suggest the most cost-effective points for home improvements, which we help guide you to complete after the performance analysis.

Check out our Infrared Thermal Art collections at Instagram and Pinterest!


HVAC PERFORMANCE and Safety Testing

Your unique home's HVAC performance analysis (more than an energy audit) will be tailored to the equipment that's installed (and anything you might need that's not already there). It may include depressurization testing, which ensures your family's safety from hazards including carbon monoxide and fire.  Gas leak detection is included if you have gas lines in the home.  We also test combustion appliances for carbon monoxide emissions, heating efficiency, and temperatures. Airflows and pressures are generally tested on central air handlers for air conditioners and furnaces.


By applying math to your past 12-24 months in gas and electric bills, it's possible to separate your usage into heating, cooling, and base load (cooking, clothes drying, and hot water). Based on average household use in your area, we can determine whether your appliances are performing at a level that's comfortable and cost effective, or if you'd be better off with repaired (or even new) equipment. Every level of our Home Performance Analysis comes with this service.


Even with your Comprehensive Home Performance Plan in hand (hardcopy and digital pdf), you'll probably still have questions- we're ready for them. You get access to Corbett as long as you live in that home, to answer questions about your home's particulars, any home improvement plans or estimates, and contractor support for your projects. This is one of the reasons many of our clients will choose our services over all others- there's simply no price tag on having unlimited access to an independent expert who knows your home inside and out.