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Atlanta, GA 30337


Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.

Homeowner Testimonials

Homeowner testimonials for Corbett Lunsford's Building Performance Workshop (formerly Green Dream Group LLC) for all the home improvement consulting and new home quality control oversight delivered in Chicago and across the U.S.


We're a tiny Atlanta-based company (formerly in Chicago, IL) who makes sure every interaction with our clients is positive and helpful, which is why we always begin by inquiring about our clients' needs, goals, and expectations. We make every effort to help our clients understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of the building, and to relate home performance tests into real-life, concrete recommendations for home improvement. We're so sure you'll find value with us, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

~Jason C.:
""We have actually changed our direction since your audit (and because of it). We've actually decided to build into the unfinished space above her existing studio, extending the play room that's upstairs into her studio.  We're also planning on building a large shed dormer in that room as well.  We're also planning on making the space above the sun room (where the chimney goes through) into a finished storage space, adding a doorway in that close that had the access panel cut out. Anyways, thank you again!  I've shared your information with our contractor and he does a LOT of renovations here in Marietta."
~Jim C.:
"My experience with the Building Performance Workshop was frankly transformative! Admittedly, revealing my age, the information 'blew my mind' (teenager in the 1960's). My undergraduate degree is a BS Engineering from the US Military Academy, West Point, Class of 1973. The Building Performance principles & construction techniques are proven with measureable  results, not opinions.  There is simply no other way to build. Be it a Tiny House or any size, this is without a doubt worth the investment."

~Christie D.:
"Holy Crap...these guys frickin' RULE! We just bought a HUGE 100+ year old Victorian house. It was being sold as-is and, as such, had no property disclosures so we decided to conduct a property inspection BEFORE making an offer. UNBELIEVABLY IMPRESSIVE. The report and suggestions are easy to read and understand, come with TONS of identifying pictures of referenced areas of inefficiency and infared pics of heat-loss areas. The suggested efficiency upgrades are clearly listed and even identify which would be eligible for tax benefits. The kicker? The report told us what our energy bills would be if we left the house as-is vs. what they would be if we did the suggested (and price-estimated) work. It even included graphs for the payoff-period for the work (in this house, practically no time at all). If we do this nominally-priced work, this 5700SF will cost LESS to heat and cool than our old, drafty 2100SF house in Chicago (I'm totally calling the buyer of our house and recommending these guys)! WORTH EVERY PENNY!"

~Peter Cerbin:
"Corbett Lunsford was absolutely instrumental throughout our condominium renovation project. From planning thru completion he was easily the smartest and most useful resource we had to assure the project was being done as energy efficient as possible. Corbett's quick to offer suggestions for improving efficiency and also to point out areas that might not be of much value both financially and energy-wise. I think of all the subcontractors and specialists on the project Corbett and Green Dream Group provided us with the best service and brought the most value to the table to assure everything was done correctly. I could not recommend them enough."
~Denis Michel:
"Your testing was remarkably comprehensive. We were amazed with the thoroughness. We will schedule a follow up after we have some sealing work done."
~Angelo Nikolov:
"Just wanted to say thank you for coming out performing the tests on our home. Often times today we see something and like it and order it, not realizing the negative effects it can cause on our home. Having you come out and do this was a game changer for our house. Your very detailed list of what needed to be done gave us a point of reference, we were able to take care of some of the items immediately ourselves and the others we contacted contractors to have completed. Your report allows us to know what to do and as a checklist to make sure that the work was done properly by the contractor. I only wish I had called you when we began our home renovation to know exactly what should have been done vs calling when everything was already done. Your services were worth every dollar."
~Jon W.:
"I was seeking the best testing, auditing, & advice in our (Chicago) area. I was attracted to you guys' methodology of seeing the whole story "to the end" with the followup visit as well as continued support (which I have definitely taken advantage of & am very satisfied with so far). If I know someone who's looking for that too, you guys would be the first name out my mouth."
~Ario T.:
"Thank you for your note and follow up. I was extremely pleased with the level of service and professionalism from Corbett (sadly not as pleased with the actual testing results!). Corbett was extremely helpful, knowledgable, and gave me a clear understanding of the condition of the house. Please share my feedback with him directly as he made me believe in his work and I will be continuously recommending his service to friends and family."
~Aubrey Swift, AIA, CEM, QCxP, LEED AP:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with the analysis of the water problems in the Garden Apartment of my three-flat. Your expert advice was key to bringing me to a decision point in addressing a very difficult problem. You know, even though I am a professional with expert knowledge in this field, it was indispensable to have your expertise and equipment on the scene. It was the information from your moisture meter and your comments on the possibility of mold growth that convinced me that the existing wood floors were absorbing too much moisture from the ground below. That led to the very difficult decision to remove everything and install a new concrete floor. As trying (and expensive) as that choice was, I am so grateful now and know that it was absolutely the correct assessment to make. I could not have done it without your help. This experience has convinced me, more than ever, of the importance of having scientific information to aid home owners when they are prone to get so much conflicting advice from the well-intentioned folks who provide the construction services."
~J.T. Charles:
"As promised, John & Corbett were extremely professional, polite and provided a first-class assessment on our 'home performance'. The final report is extremely thorough and provides the information we need to pursue improvements based upon a cost-benefit prioritization. Have already recommend GDG to friends."
~Marc Bert:
"Professional, friendly service. Very thorough report. Would recommend to friends/family."
~Mark Daugherty:
"I contacted Green Dream Group to perform an energy audit on our 120-year-old house after a poor experience with another contractor. In short, Corbett was exceptionally detailed and thorough in his analysis of the energy issues in our home. Among his findings were numerous problem areas -- air sealing, specifically -- that were overlooked by the previous contractor. His patient responses to my lengthy list of questions demonstrated his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for this work. The (reasonably colorful, human readable) audit report he supplied us has proved an invaluable reference and a roadmap of sorts for prioritizing future energy improvements. Although Corbett's building science expertise is the primary reason to consider Green Dream Group, I was especially appreciative of his warmth and empathy in addressing my concerns. Quite simply, I felt substantially more educated and at ease after his consultation. I strongly recommended Corbett and Green Dream Group to anyone seeking as much knowledge as possible to make their home safer and more comfortable."
~Pat Ewert:
"I was very impressed with the professionalism and the information provided by Corbett. I have a blueprint for what I can do to cut my energy costs."
~Stewart Stoller:
"I want to give you an update on a couple of projects your company did for me. Several years ago I had a mold problem in the attic. The roof was replaced and the attic was remediated. Within a year or two, it was back, partly because of poor workmanship of the remediator, but also because the source was not properly addressed. We called another remediator, and he felt he discovered and corrected the problem. So he remediated and the two-year-old roof was removed and replaced. We had smart gutters put in, 64 baffles, mushroom vents, attic fan with a thermostat and humidistat. A year later, mold was beginning to return. A friend suggested I give you a call. You and your staff did an analysis and discovered that the base of the soil pipe in the attic, leading to the living area, was not sealed, and this was likely the cause of the problem. Without proper sealing, the air from the living area was entering the attic, causing a differential in temperature, condensation, and mold. You recommended a contractor for the repairs. This was about two years ago. So far, it seems to have resolved the problem. We had a remediator clean the area of the last site of mold that appeared before we called you. I'll go up this spring and look again, but it seems you have found the problem when two remediation companies and roofers could not find it. If it looks like it is back or spread, I will give you a call, but over the last year things were holding fine. The second problem we had in the house was that we had our bathroom ceiling painted last year. This was a remodeled bathroom. The paint peeled almost immediately. Thinking it was something to do with the paint, I called the painter, and he repainted. Within 2 days it was peeling again. The suggestion was that either my exhaust fan was not strong enough, or that I needed to move it closer to the bath tub/shower, an expensive project. However, we had not had problems with this before, with the same exhaust fan. We checked the fan, and it was working. I called you, and you checked the ceiling for moisture, and determined that the drywall was fine. You then looked in the attic, and found that the contractors who had worked up there had moved the insulation away from the very area that I was having peeling, causing a differential in temperature. You/your staff were kind enough to even out the insulation. I continued using the shower for a couple of months to see if the peeling would spread. It did not. I had it repainted, and it seems to be fine now. So, both times I called you, you and your staff did a thoughtful and scientific analysis, and found the source of the problem. You have been excellent house diagnosticians for me. It may have cost a little, but I think in the long run it saved me a lot. Just thought you might be interested in how things turned out."
~Diann Wright:
"If anyone is willing to make a conscious effort to limit their foot print on our earth, utilizing Green Dream Group is the best way to go. John and Corbett were very professional in collecting scientific, measurable data regarding my home's performance analysis. All of their recommendations are based on these results. As a consequence, when I engage a contractor to correct identified problems, I feel my home's 'envelope' will meet the performance standards of the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). Many thanks to Green Dream Group!"
~Michael O.:
"Corbett was a wealth of knowledge and experience. He clearly pointed out our home deficiencies and took the time to thoroughly go through his discoveries and his general areas of concerns. I look forward to following up on our home improvements in the near future."
~Ellen Z.:
"You came in a few years ago to do an audit. Just wanted to let you know that my home is really warm in this frigid weather- with your recommendation I had foam put in my crawlspace, attic, and they drilled holes in the slab area and put it in there too. I even left my back door open (of course by accident) while on vacation for 12 days last week. The snow came in, but my heating bill was surprisingly only $100. For the entire month, including that time. Be well."
~Andrew Hilsberg:
"I had a very good experience with Green Dream Group. Corbett was professional throughout - setting up the appointment, explaining things as we went through the home, providing the recommendations report on time, and returning my calls and emails when I had follow-up questions about the report. He understood my specific situation and he showed me all the areas that were causing the drafts in my home. His recommendation report was prioritized (with potential cost estimates) so I wasn't left wondering which steps to do or in what order I should try them. I can't speak to the effectiveness of the recommendations just yet as I am still making the improvements in my home, but I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and the patience demonstrated when answering my questions. If I ever buy a new home in the future, I would definitely have Green Dream Group out to do an analysis above and beyond a standard home inspection. The price may seem a little high but when you consider they spent over 2 hours in my home and compiled a very thorough recommendations report, you understand the value received."
~Louis Herrera-Baker:
"We had a CO scare today and I called a couple places that didn't show any urgency and who couldn't come until over 24 hours later. Green Dream Group was very kind over the phone and answered questions before describing the service to me. They came out immediately. They provided a complete inspection of all combustible appliances. They also inspected the insulation and ventilation throughout the house. They spent over an hour at the house. Our technician, John ensured we were aware of any issues that we needed to investigate. He also sent us an email with a full written review. Luckily for us, we did not have any major issues. John had a ton of information for us which was awesome. He provided the readings for every area of the house, problem areas, recommended projects, energy saving ideas and names of contractors who specialize in these projects. We are in the middle of completing a new insulation project and he gave us ideas on how to make it better with little cost. Not only did he provide all of this, he also provided a peace of mind that we weren't in any immediate danger. The time and information was worth the cost. I will definitely use Green Dream Group in the future. Carissa was my first point of contact and I felt like she was just as concerned as I was about our CO emergency. She spent a good amount of time over the phone investigating my questions and getting a technician on the line to be sure we weren't in immediate danger. Once this was completed they sent a certified technician over to the house within an hour. Their services were more than I had anticipated. It was a welcomed surprise. We've completed several home improvement projects and they inspected those to provide feedback on the work. I am 100% please with this experience."
~Jim Cundiff:
"I was suspicious of all that they promised but they delivered on everything. I called them and told them we were looking for an audit of our home. They set a date up within a week to come out and spend 3 to 4 hours examining everything. They had tons of recommendations listed in order of efficiencies and they had pictures and graphs to detail everything they pointed out. At times they used technology that even in the 21st century could only be called futuristic. And they provided lists of contractors to address our needs. They were superb."
~Jim and Joanne S.:
"Your Home Performance Review was meaningful to us. We’re serious about conservation and sustainability and have since replaced all incandescent bulbs with CFL’s and LEDs, switched our power supplier to a third party source. Your infrared photos showed we needed to insulate our attic and our attached garage; the garage was foam-insulated yesterday and today along with the room above it. Earlier we had the garage caulked along all seams, which your report correctly indicated was necessary."
~Mark P.:
"Your insight and guidance have been an invaluable asset to us during this never-ending home improvement nightmare we have found ourselves in. We look forward to working with you in the future and will be sure to recommend you to all our friends and neighbors in need!"
~Jennifer M.:
"Great, responsive, professional service. Well worth the money. We found out things that will help our energy consumption that we would not be aware of otherwise."
~Kevin Casey:
"During the combustion analysis of my gas appliances Green Dream discovered that my 1 year old Gas oven range was emitting 1900 ppm of carbon monoxide. That is about nine times over was is considered safe. My 30 year old boiler was only emitting 12ppm. We had the oven serviced immediately by ABT, and the problem was corrected by making some adjustments to the oven. The cost of the audit was worth finding that problem alone as I we have two small children in the house. In addition to that, the inspection hightlighted a few major energy loss points that we had not considered and the easy to read detailed report we received offered some do it yourself suggestions. I was very impressed with the services of Dream Green Group. They took there time and explained everything . The cost is a good value for the amount of time that was put into the on site inspection and comprehensive report. "
~Laura S.:
"Green Dream Group was professional and informative. They offered a practical, affordable and achievable to do list for us to make some great improvements to our home. It was a great way to start our rehab!"
~Mark D.:
"Corbett was exceptionally thorough and answered all of my questions, I couldn't really ask for more. I'm really looking forward to having his data as a reference for future improvements. It was a great experience overall, so thank you again."
~Mark A.:
"I live in a house that is over 100 years old and has very high energy bills. Green Dream Group came in and did a very thorough and detailed analysis of the areas of my house that are losing the most energy. I appreciate how they pinpointed the areas that will have the greatest return on the investment of the improvements. Their report was detailed and contained photos and reference that I was able to turn over to insulation contractors for quotes. For some relatively modest expenditures I expect to see significant long term savings on my energy bills. I highly recommend Green Dream's team."
~Gabrielle DeWitt:
The Green Dream employees showed up on time. They were very friendly and professional. They were happy to explain what was happening every step of the way. They were also accommodating to my pets. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and was concerned about them getting out of the house since doors had to be open for parts of the inspection, but the employees were careful not to let them escape."
~Stephanie B.:
"They were fantastic. On time, very responsive, walked us through the process, considerate of our children, easy friendly and professional. We got some great advice and a very nice report that outlined some suggested next steps. We learned some ways to improve our home that we had not considered. We then used the affliate network to complete the improvements. We truly didn't know exactly where to begin so this was fantastic experience. Also nice is that the report provided we could share with the contractors to explain what needed to be done. Made that process much easier. Also, GreenDream was great at helping us understand the breakeven point for energy investments and what would be the best use of our money. Green Dream even educated us on how to get amazing rebates and tax deductions for the work we did. Their website is full of resourse and DIY tips and videos. Overall very very good and with improvements we have made we anticipate cutting our energy costs significantly. We would highly recommend (and already have) Green Dream Group."
~Karen J.:
"My husband and I recently purchased a house and our bank paid for an energy audit. As we were in the middle of a total rehab, it made perfect sense to see what we could do to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Corbett came out and did a comprehensive energy audit of our home, taking the time to educate us about a variety of energy-saving techniques. We thought that we were pretty energy-savvy before, but it turned out that we had a lot to learn, and a lot that we could improve on the house before everything was finished. We would highly recommend the Green Dream Group for your energy audit needs! It will be well worth your time and money as most energy updates pay for themselves in a matter of years. If nothing else, check out their YouTube sites under Green Dream Group. We were really pleased with their work, and are probably going to pay to have them come back and do another test after all of the improvements have been done to see if we missed anything."
~John H.:
"Green Dream Group professionally analyzed our home's energy improvement opportunities and made recommendations to help us be more environmentally sound and save money. The report showed specific places that we could make improvements and we've already seen a benefit! I believe their analysis pays for itself in a very short time and you feel better about saving energy. I high recommend you have them take a look at your home!"
~Mike N. and Kathleen T.:
"The procedure was painless and fascinating. Green Dream Group's energy audit combines 21st Century technology with old fashioned detective work. Then they follow it up with practical, affordable recommendations. By making two small fixes, we anticipate cutting our energy costs significantly."
~Patty C.:
"I was very pleased with the service by Green Dream Group. The work was performed quickly and efficiently. They took time to show me specific areas of concern and why those area create problems. Solutions were explained well. Finally the report was thorough and helpful. Looks like I have some work to do but, thanks to GDG, I know where to start."
~Carol C.:
"It went very well. They were on time and respectful while examining our home. The test provided us with real information about sealing up our house. The report was detailed and online with pictures. They made it easy for us to know where and what to do. We are not handy home-owners and even we could do it ourselves We have benefited with lower energy bills and the environment has benefited as well."
~Adam L.:
"We hired Green Dream to perform an energy efficiency audit on our home. On top of the report they have given us specific recommendations on what projects to do, and were very professional and respectful of my time and my home. I feel that the report was thorough and will help us make our home more efficient. I would definitely recommend Green Dream Group."