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3799 Main St. #87024
Atlanta, GA 30337


Advanced residential construction and home improvement consulting and owner's advocacy in Atlanta, using the latest building performance diagnostic and modeling techniques and tools. Airtightness, insulation, HVAC, ventilation, moisture, and air quality and EMF consulting for homeowners and building professionals alike.

Building Pro Testimonials

Home performance professional training testimonials for Corbett Lunsford's Building Performance Workshop. Blower door experts, infrared thermography experts, HVAC experts, and other building pros come from around the world to study with Corbett- hear why in these rave reviews!

Our top priority is helping clients understand buildings, and feel confident and prepared to move ahead with home improvement and new home construction, in Atlanta and elsewhere. We're so sure you'll find value with us, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

"This is the kind of MEP consulting I have always hoped for... It is great to get some real feedback."
~Peter Landon, Landon Bone Baker Architects

“As an HVAC professional looking to make the move into home performance there’s nobody better than Corbett and Grace to help guide you into the field. Their knowledge of the field is top notch, and their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. Corbett has a way of teaching that feels like your talking to a friend and not being lectured at. Very grateful to have such talented people in our industry.”
~Frank Gallina

"I have learned a lot in Mastermind Course. Thank you. Your work is remarkable and inspiring. You are changing the world. Do not get surprised if people beat up each other to get a spot in your courses."
~Jorge Antelo Hollweg

"I tell what man. You're a mentor to industry! Dang ole beer-can-cold vets deserve respect, but after 20yrs thinking your right when you were actually wrong- I'd respect the man who pointed out this reality proving to me why I had been mistaken. Corbett I think in the future your name may be as recognized as Bob Vila's was 10yrs ago. So if you become the TV host for this new house? I'm applying for a job! "
~Tommy T.

"As a Mastermind student I have discovered that my business is not a one pony show in the energy efficiency and green market, but a marketable business to a wide range of clients looking to have the highest preforming, sexiest house on the block. A client looking to have you save them money with energy efficiency has already told you they are unwilling to pay a lot to have their home fixed, I want the type of clients willing to get the job done right, by the right people with the highest standards. Fall Fast Track is the only course I have found that prompts this idea."
~Stephen Standley, ECAD Specialist

"Paradigm shifting training. Excellent form and function. Corbett your passion is contagious. I look forward to developing a Rock Star building performance business here in Michigan. Thanks."
~Jamie Langan

"Corbett & Grace have produced a terrific and well researched diagnostic tool and guide to advance testing. Corbett Lunsford has mastered diagnostic techniques that can help any consumer understand the problems he/she is experiencing with a home. His approach is simple, straightforward, and reproducible in your home. Study questions are included with his book Home Performance Diagnostics. The questions are relevant and to the point. Anyone buying a new or used home could benefit from this practical and well researched text. Watch for them in your local area and you will learn useful and diagnostic information that you won't forget."
~Thomas A. Corbett - The Home Reckoner©

"Corbett, congratulations on being a leader in the building industry not only promoting best practices in remodeling but best practices in honesty and integrity, which, quite frankly, are far more valuable than the work you do, it is who you are. I am honored to be a fellow professional and a friend."
~Tony Richardson

"I had to drop a line to thank you for a video you made about IR cameras and how easy it is to be fooled by what you see. I was gifted an infrared camera by my friend, T. Hardy. I've used it and often thought, "How hard can this be? Why do you need special training to use it and interpret the results?" HA! Now I know. Your videos are a joy to watch - the production, lighting, editing and sound are great and the content is wonderful! I live in Taos, where housing is made from empty beer cans embedded in concrete, pumice, rastra, adobe, and all manner of other strange stuff. A lot of owner builders who are clueless and old-school contractors who don't care about changing their ways are quite the challenge. The HERS and BPIprograms are good, but you have opened up a new world of understanding building forensics for me and it goes miles farther than the cut-and -dried material I've been taught. Since I live where people build crazy stuff I know I've got to know more than friends who rate huge projects by Centex, Pulte and the like. It's much harder for a beginner but a lot more fun. Anyway, a big thank you to you and Grace for helping me with the long distance learning. You two work hard and apparently never sleep but please know it is appreciated with each video and webinar I watch!"
~Melissa Ames

"Always happy to let folks know about you and the rest of Green Dream Group. When I taught BPI classes, I used your videos often. Right now, there are several hundred contractors and entry-level building performance workers walking around the SF Bay area who are familiar with Green Dream. Thank you again for what you do. It's important. It's making a difference."
~George Kopf

"I'm sure I represent thousands of people in saying that you are the most affective advocate for Energy Efficiency and the Building Science industry. We want to see your message not only be heard but repeated by believers."
~Kevin Smith

"You did a great job teaching us, and you are a super person! When the environment is relaxed and the instructor is as great as you, learning is so much easier and fun!"
~Jim Heinz

"I had this rock star dream last night. There was a home remodel competition in Omaha, I drove by one of the houses and it had your logo on a sign out front. I call you up "can I help?" you're like "yeah! I am on my way". You drove nonstop and we worked a full day on those attic knee walls. Then the general contractor gave us the landscaping work, too. Hilarious right? It was a sweet ass dream. I get super vivid dreams every now and again. First time that you had ever been in one. I don't mean to freak you out or anything, just want to share. Thanks for doing what you do."
~K. in NE

"I love the clarity you communicate with. You know your stuff but more importantly, you can communicate it in a learn-able way. Also, want to thank you for your personal and timely communication with us. Thanks!"
~Timothy Talbot

"I attended the first Proof is Possible event in Tampa and it was the most informative class I have ever been to, Corbett took a very involved subject and in 2 days made me understand things about Home Performance that I hadn't known in 5 years of testing and 30 years of contracting. It is worth every penny and a lot more to spend this time with the man who wrote the book on the subject while he breaks it down and shows you how it works. Thanks again Corbett."
~Michael Bowman

"I'm Luke Yang from Cleveland, OH. Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all you've done for the home performance industry. I've ordered your book on advanced home diagnostics and have found it to be so helpful. Your videos on youtube are incredible and I love the facial expressions."

"Just wanted to take the time and say thank you. Your practice test played a significant part in my passing my BPI exam. Now I'm going to spend the next couple hours watching your videos as I go prepare to take the Field Exam."
~Valencia Roner

"Thanks... I always learn so much AND am entertained by Corbett's enthusiasm in combination with his knowledge and passion for the industry."
~Mandy Leazenby

"Corbett makes we want to go back to 'class' because I could learn from him all day! Very clear and easy to listen to, I love his energy and passion which comes across in his teaching. His knowledge on building science, ventilation, air flows, and testing is vast. I've learned so many tricks that I can use every day in the field and his ability to clarify concepts is much appreciated. Thank you!"
~Joanna Clark

"Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with the industry. I've been doing building diagnostics for 5 yrs. now, and I realize that just as every building is it's own animal, there isn't a cookie cutter method for improving their safety and efficiency, not to mention getting the customer to take action. So glad you are emphasizing a practical, experience-based approach that can be verified!
~Justin Wiles

"Corbett has the BEST grasp on Home Performance as it relates to a house/home as a system. He integrates the HVAC system and the house system providing the best environment for his clients. If you are a HVAC professional, look not further. Corbett has the knowledge you will need to need to know and incorporate into you business with the energy Code changes that are coming across the Country. His clear and concise teaching ability makes it easy to grasp the principles presented. "
~Eddie Lammers

"Thanks for your webinars and all the other information you post - they are so helpful! I live in Taos, and am so isolated that gaining experience has been very difficult. It's a small town and I'm the only HERS rater here so I have to do a huge amount of self education with very little feedback. You are one of my best resources for building my knowledge base and clarifying the stuff that is confusing."
~Melissa Ames

"I bought the Home Performance Diagnostics a few months ago and found it to be one of my favorite books on home diagnostics. Highly recommend!! "
~Eddie Leverich

"Thanks! I bombed the test but now i know exactly what i need to study. This was a great introduction into into what it takes (and means) to be BPI certified. I am really excited about it all."
~David Powers

"Corbett has a been a great resource for me in starting my company. I have been educated by you guys almost more than anyone else. From your business model to the youtube videos you put out in conjunction with the book make GDG the place for me to go. I don't keep it to myself either. I share it with everyone."
~Cate Hammer

"Corbett has a knack for cutting through the fluff. I flew halfway across the country for his advanced training and definitely got my money's worth. I use his time saving techniques in every audit. I also use his Excel based spreadsheet (APT Reports) for reporting and appreciate it's user customization and reporting. It is different than the other reporting tools in that it does not generate a 30 page report that is mostly filler. APT Reports gives the customer the information they need to understand why they need to do the work recommended in language a layman can follow."
~Tom Smith

"Corbett has by far the most knowledge of anyone I've ever worked with in the building science and home performance business. I've learned so much from Corbett and can tell he has a passion for this business that very few have."
~Steve Johnson

"You have been a life saver with your book home performance diagnostics it gives me more clarification and time to really review each aspect of residential testing. I thank you for your hard work in putting this great book together to help us newbie’s...and your great you tube sessions they have been very help full. There is a lot of information to go through and study. I hope I can meet you when you’re down here in Phoenix in September at the EEBA Conference. Keep it up!"
~Greg Ortiz

"Great class yesterday. I feel you guys were fantastic with a lot of useful Information. The presentation was detailed enough for practical implementation in the field. I appreciate your time spent."
~Chuck C.

"I just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm you share with us. Your videos and book are a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the great work!"
~Edgardo M.

"I am really happy with the APT program in its entirety. I think the training portal is very very useful. And I really cant wait to get it up and running!"
~Tom W.

"I really appreciate all the work you have done for the energy audits industry in Chicago and always enjoy your videos. I am enjoying taking the HERS Prep class now. Thanks!"
~Jerry Needham

"Corbett was my teacher and mentor as I was making my mid-life career change into the energy efficiency industry. He is a great teacher and knows the subject very well. He is an expert in Building performace and Energy efficiency. His company is a model for anyone looking at the residential EE business. After he trained and certified me as a BPI auditor, he kept in contact and coached me how to get started and how to network in my community. His willingness to help me out speaks volumes as to his character and commitment to advancing the field of Home Performance. Lastly, his website is leading edge for the type of business he has created and his use of social media to promote his business very professional and effective."
~Kurt Kenning

"Corbett is a dynamic leader with an incredible capacity to assimilate details while keeping the big picture clearly in sight. Even at his busiest, he always takes time to make sure everyone understands what they're working on, and he's an incredibly clear, focused teacher. Working with him for a year and a half was an excellent experience -- I highly recommend Corbett."
~Laura Little

"Hi Corbett, I'm an Energy Auditor in Boston. For the past 2 years I've read, watched & listened to whatever I can get my hands on while honing my craft at the homes of friends and family. You're definitely a mentor to those of us who are new to the game!"

"I learned more in two days than in two weeks of training elsewhere. It was a great class and all these guys were fantastic."

"Congrats on your 7 year anniversary in the weatherization industry! You are an icon and you have a wicked sense of humor (not common in this industry). KEEP US LAUGHING MY FRIEND..."
~Tom Kilinski

"Thank you, great job, I love your software I think it's brilliant."

"I recently attended the "HP Diagnostic Case Study: Whole House Solutions to HVAC Head Scratchers" webinar, and thought I'd take a moment to offer some feedback. After all, its the least I can do since you folks took the time to offer such an event for myself and others like me. Getting right to the point, I have to say, I was very impressed. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure just what would be covered, or what to expect for that matter. The entire webinar was very well designed & put together. Kudos to both Corbett Lunsford & Bill Spohn. I too perform many of these House Diagnostics tests on a regular basis as a Weatherization Home Estimator for Northwest Ohio Community Action Commission in (you guessed it) Ohio. The parts I found most beneficial were the examples, and the information provided while going through the inspection process or, if you will, the "detective" work to solve a problem. I like to fancy myself rather resourceful as well, but at the same time I know I'm never done learning and greatly enjoy gaining insight from others. Especially when they are more experienced. Learning from others; learning new tricks, new ways to look at a problem, and general information sharing are huge to boost everyone and keep this field growing in the right direction. I definitely plan on watching all the Green Dream Group videos, and attending future webinars. Thanks again for offering such services, and I hope my ramblings are of some service. Keep up the good work!"
~Eric Sandys

"As a training program designer, teacher and author of BPI approved curriculum, I have trained literally hundreds of people how to use an understanding of Whole Home Building Performance to get jobs and increase sales. I know how tricky it can be to give students and homeowners enough information so they get the concepts but not too much information so they get overwhelmed. Corbett Lunsford is as good as it gets in this industry today. He is clear, concise, and to the point. His videos are well made and give the basics without being patronizing - this is no small feat. Kudos to Corbett and I recommend you check out his series of videos for professionals and homeowners!"
~George Kopf, BPI Building Analyst, BPI Proctor, NREL/BPI Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor

"It was a very cozy place to learn. At first I was a little nervous about the word 'geometry', but in the end it was all math I knew. The amount of time we were able to work hands-on with the controls left me being able to set up the blower door and duct blaster with ease. Can't wait to get in to the 6 day class. If I had an eleven i would have given one!"

"You do amazing work, thanks for helping us all understand building science better with your webinars, posts, and videos!"
~David Koski

"You did an incredible job. Learned more in 8 hrs than I have in other classes that I have taken elsewhere."

"Just finished the APT video series today and got a lot out of it, especially the formula customization, Library, and Problems/Opportunities links. Thanks for sharing your experience and hard work by developing this product and the great videos to go along with it!"

"I've become a fan of Corbett Lunsford and the Building Performance Workshop. He offers many free videos and webinars that always teach me something. He has knack for making the complex simple, and his new book Home Performance Diagnostics, while pricey, is an excellent one stop source resource for just about any common (and not so common) testing protocol involving residential diagnostics. The book assumes BPI or RESNET training as a prerequisite. He covers subjects from ACI to ZPD including blower doors, CAZ testing, HVAC and duct testing in surprising detail as well as how to interpret what you have tested. I have also been using his APT reporting template for Excel and like its flexibility and his support. He is very responsive to suggestions, adding two useful features within hours of my asking."

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your new APT software; it is so much easier to use than any other software that we've used and it's extremely customizable for our jobs. Our customers are very impressed with our professional reports. Thanks for all you help and hard work in the Home Performance Industry, Green Dream Group and all your personnel have been much help and a pleasure to deal with."

"Corbett: Thanks for the webinar. The point that made the biggest impression with me is confirming that the measures installed are actually delivering what was promised. I see so many times that contractors simply do the work and leave assuming that everything is good. We have found that most HVAC systems are delivering about 50% of designed efficiencies. I would be pretty upset if my Toyota Prius only delivered 25MPG. The real problem is that home owners don’t know that their new equipment isn’t performing. There is much work to do to transform this industry. I appreciate your efforts and what you bring to the table."
~Dick Rome, Tech. Specialist in CA

"Corbett and his team did it again. After the Guide to Advanced Testing, they've put out another outstanding tool that has facilitated my work in the field and at the office. Last March, I had the opportunity to attend one of the first seminars where Corbett was introducing APT Reports. During that seminar, he demonstrated its simplicity of use; being based on Microsoft Excel, anyone can master it in a very short time, and modify it at his/her will (as I did with Corbett's assistance.) I used to produce a lengthy report with too many data and pictures; now it is short, straight to the point, easily understood by the homeowner, and last but not least affordable for my company. Two thumbs up."

"Super knowledge, and skills readily shared! I appreciated the additional insights from an industry professional."

“I was signed up with one of the big training outfits that cancelled the training do to class size. After checking with 3 other trainers of which none offered classes due to lack of students, I found The Building Performance Workshop. It was smaller classes with more personalized training which I liked. Corbett the lead trainer actually got to know you which was nice. He tailored my training to my skill level which was great. He does a great job of making sure you understand the training and is always willing to work with you one on one after class if needed. Great instructor. I will highly recommend him and be back for more training in the future. Thanks!”

“I have been a heating and air conditioning service technician over 20 years. The content I learned in this class has helped me to do my job better than I did it before.”

"I have enjoyed the very high quality of your instruction and methods of presentation. Thanks!"
~Rebecca Melendez

"Found it all challenging, but the trainer knows this material completely and presents information clearly, precisely and thoroughly."

“Thank you for putting on an excellent workshop. The personalized attention and dedication to your students before, during and after training is incredible. Thanks again, I would recommend Green Dream Group to anyone interested in becoming a Building Analyst.”

“I feel the amount we covered over the time allotted was incredible. I have found it to be an on-going process in regards to education that I still dedicate x amount of time each day to review, reading, new topics, etc.”

“I truly had a great experience with this course. The combination of field time, classroom time I thought was perfect. I can't think of anyways to improve at the moment!”

"Corbett's Webinar's are crisp, concise, and to the point. He has the ability of making the "complex simple" which the essence of the heart of teaching!"

“Small class size allowed for a lot of attention for each person. Course was well taught."

“I really enjoyed this class and it was taught very well. You are very thorough and explain concepts very well. I would definitely recommend your class.”

"Thanks, you were very clear (and candid)."

“I liked the course - it was a submersion into the field - which i liked and would recommend.”

"BPI should be mandatory for insulation and air sealing contractors. The training provides contractors with best practices that if applied in the field will ensure quality and repeated customer satisfaction."

"Great class, excellent instructor, hand on applied to all classroom courses into firm understanding of procedures."

"I highly recommend Corbett’s BPI training. He is knowlagable, experienced and always energized."

"I felt this course is perfect for individuals looking to enter into the sustainability field and or apply building principles they have used for years and continue to build upon their practices."

"Highly recommended. Instruction was thorough, considerate and patient."

"Corbett did a great job. Knowledgeable, focused and pretty good at keeping this herd of cats on task. Not easy to do."

"I wanted to thank you for today's webinar on SketchUp. I tried unsuccessfully 2 or 3 times over the last couple of years to use this program. I'm happy to report after watching your webinar today it all became clear to me. You did an incredible job and I appreciate it. Thanks again!"
~Rob Novak

"The field work provided in the class put many of the questions I had into focus."

"Above expectations. The workshop gave us tools that are highly applicable to field work and real scenario application. That's rare."

"Thank you for putting on an excellent workshop. The personalized attention and dedication to your students before, during and after training is incredible. Thanks again, I would recommend Green Dream Group to anyone interested in becoming a Building Analyst."

"Thank you for putting on an excellent workshop. The personalized attention and dedication to your students before, during and after training is incredible. Thanks again, I would recommend Green Dream Group to anyone interested in becoming a Building Analyst."

"The Building Performance Workshop training manual is excellent, along with the other books/materials we were provided I would say my expectations were exceeded in this category."

"I found this class the most comprehensive of many other classes that I took on the same subject. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in this field. Very good delivery."

"Corbett knocks it out once again!"

"I was pleased with the program and as a HERS rater, definitely walked out with more practical and safety procedures to implant in future audits. Good class."

"Great instructor."

"Appreciated the clarity and ruthless honesty!"

"Corbett Lunsford was awesome. I learned so much."

"The class was very thoroughly taught and instructor was clear and concise in his delivery."

"Course was conducted very well. The explanations of the material was very well demonstrated."

"Very informative and well developed. You run a great program."

"Small class size allowed for a lot of attention for each person. Course was well taught."

"I found everything about the course useful. Doing the live audit was probably the most useful which helped see the big picture and layout the process step by step. Having the water heater in the class was very helpful in learning to perform the combustion analysis."

"Not sure how much feedback, if any, you get about the podcast, but I wanted to let you know that it's making a huge difference for me. The last few episodes have been revelations. Thank you and keep it up."
~Dave Albert

"I think the course is designed very well. A short introduction to each section and then everything you would ever need to know written out in a manner that is easy to follow and makes sense. Great job."

"Lots of good information!"

"Great webinar... clear, to the point, all questions addressed... logic framework presented first, then procedures used that were consistent with that, leading to solid recommendations."

"Enjoyed it - looking forward to more! Will be participating in more as I can afford it. Thank you."

"Thanks for being such an unstoppable force in advancing energy efficiency in buildings. I greatly appreciate your energy!"
~George Matthews

"You always do it well. I am a regular!"